Worship AT First Baptist

We believe that we all worship something or someone. We worship what we consider most worthy of our time and life. For many, it is a job, for others a hobby, or perhaps a person such as a spouse or a child. At First Baptist, we believe there is only one worthy of our worship and His name is Jesus. We believe that so strongly that we try to live our lives in order to please Him. Our words and deeds are acts of worship. We do gather as a church a couple of times a week to join in worship of our Lord. In those times we recognize Jesus to be King of all kings, the One who created it all and holds it all together. We confess our sins to Him as we see Him in His holiness. We rejoice over His grace and mercy which cleanses us from our sin. And we celebrate His power over death, hell, sin, and the grave. Our weekly gatherings are focused on Jesus. The songs point us to Him. The prayers are to and for Him. The message is about Him.

We welcome you to come join us as we worship each week. We meet on Sundays at 8 AM, 10:35 AM and 6PM. If you have question please feel free to call us at (912) 384-5598.