i effectively prepare myself to share the gospel through yearly training

we believe that the Lord has given us the mission of sharing His gospel with all the world, whether that world is across the street, or somewhere in our state, nation, or internationally. In order to be prepared First Baptist offers training opportunities  for our people.

Click here for information on the training opportunities.

i intentionally develop relationships with people who need christ

Some often we get in the rut of hanging out with the same group of people all the time. As Christians those people tend to be like us. People who go to church and believe in similar ways. If we are to be effective in carrying out the commands of our Lord to go make disciples we must engage and build relationships with those who do not yet know Jesus. At First Baptist we encourage our people to build these relationships all the while praying that the person will come to know Christ as their Savior and Lord.

i am actively involved in the outreach ministry of fbc

First Baptist has a part of it's ministry a regular time of outreach. These are times when we come together to go out to reach our community. We encourage all of members to be involved in these ministry opportunities.