First Baptist Child Security

While we realize there is no one who cares for your child like you do, we want you to know we are doing our best to care for your child as if they were our own. Our desire is to keep your child as safe as we possibly can while he or she is in our care.

  • We provide modern, clean, and safe environments in which to teach your child.
  • We provide trained workers who have had federal background checks run. (At First Baptist this is true for any adult working with a child 18 or younger.)
  • We have at least two, non-related, workers present at all times with your child's class or activity.
  • We have cameras in halls that are recording public areas.

Again your child's safety is important and we are always striving to be better at putting you at ease about leaving your child in our care.

Child Check-in

On Sunday mornings the doors that lead into the Preschool and Children's areas are magnetically locked. All parents must report to one of the check-in stations on the 1st floor (signs will guide you) to check-in your child(ren). You will be assisted by a volunteer on checking in your child. A label with your information and your child's information will be printed and attached to the younger children so our workers will know your child's name and who they belong to. Please walk your child to class and return to your child's class with your label in order to retrieve your child.

If you have any questions about these procedures please email Diane Roberson, our Children's Director, or call her at the church at (912) 384-5598.