When Jesus commanded us to "GO" he started with Jerusalem and that is where we must begin. There are people right here in Douglas and Coffee County that have never heard the Gospel and we have been charged with carrying it to them. Listed below are some of the ways we are trying to reach into our Jerusalem.

  • Feed the trojans

    Every Monday night this fall our church is ministering to the Coffee High Trojan football team by feeding them after practice on Mondays. Sunday School classes and individuals have signed up to serve them and minister to them as they eat supper.

    For more info email BJ by clicking here or call the church office at (912) 384-5598.

  • Food box ministry

    Dates: Fourth Tuesday of each month

    Purpose: First Baptist participates in a ministry to seniors and disabled people who are living on a subsistent income. Participants in the program must apply and be accepted. There are limited numbers that can be helped though they are helped on a monthly basis. The box of food is intended to help them make it to the first of the next month when they receive their next check.

    Needed: Volunteers on the fourth Tuesday of each month to help pack the boxes and deliver some of them. To volunteer email BJ or click here.

  • Still Waters Women's recovery center

    Still Waters Christian Women's Recovery Center  relies on God. Their program supports substance abuse recovery through faith - and faith through recovery. The name was inspire through prayer and the reading of God's Word (especially Psalm 23). The environment at Still Waters is more than just a place to live; it's a place of spiritual healing where women can face their problems as they grow in Christ, make plans to reenter the workplace, and begin a sober life.

    Still Waters is a non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible. First Baptist partners with Still Waters along with others in our community to create a critical support net for the program.

    For more information call (912) 260-3145 or (912) 381-9253. You can also email them at stillwaters221@gmail,com.

  • HOPE center

    Founded in 1998 the Hope Center is located in the Oak Park area of Douglas, GA in Coffee County. There are approximately 4,000 people who live in this area. Hope Center provides services to children and their families. There is no charge for any of the services that are provided.

    Oak Park would best be described as a distressed neighborhood (much like you would find in a larger populated area.) It is the inner city but in a place where the population is much less.

    Many of the families the Hope Center ministers to live in extreme poverty (less than $6000 a year), and 85% of the children live in a home without a father. The Hope Center is doing all it can to ensure that children are safe, fed, educated, and live in adequate housing.

    Though the Hope Center's main purpose is to give spiritual and moral guidance to young people, they have an understanding of the social needs of people. If people are hungry, you feed them. If they need clothes, you provide them. If they need housing, you help them. If an adult doesn't know how to read, you teach them. Most people are not looking for a hand-out, but a hand up. Many times the ministry involves showing someone how to go from welfare to the workplace, or from being a High School drop out to being a graduate.

    The Hope Center needs your prayer and financial support. They have a limited budget and number of volunteers yet the Center strives to bring the message of hope to those who struggle with the basic needs of life.

    First Baptist Church, along with others in the community, partners with the Hope Center to help provide some financial support but much more support could be used. For an opportunity to give click here

    To volunteer click here.

  • Mary Hayes Center

    Dates: Ongoing

    Work: Volunteers to help in after school program tutoring at risk children.

    For more info contact BJ or sign up online here.

  • The refuge and joshua house

    The Refuge is a Christian based ministry with the mission to minister to men who find themselves homeless and on the street in Douglas and Coffee County. When space allows men are given a bed and meals for a few days. The men are encouraged to look for jobs. If a job is found the men may stay until they get their feet under them.

    Joshua House in a Discipleship Ministry where some of the men that come through The Refuge continue on in a spiritual journey growing in Christ and learning to overcoming addictions and other things that have them in bondage. This is an intense ministry 24/7 for several weeks. 

    First Baptist partners with The Refuge and Joshua House to help see these men reached for Christ.